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‎Hottest Planet‎GaneshaokcuineonlpWe would like to get your feedbacks for our website. Feel free to share your thoughts with us here.If you like the game and plan to buy it, leave us a review on the AppStore or Google Play. Your feedbacks are very important to us. We are working hard to improve the game. Thanks very much.What Can We Learn from Siblings of Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder and What Can We Do About It? Parental care of children with ASD is currently supported by evidence-based practice and supported by three decades of scientific research. However, caregiving is often thwarted by the emergence of siblings of ASD children. This case study highlights that sibling relationships are fraught with stress, while seeking to understand how siblings are currently experiencing this experience. Following a series of interviews with the siblings in this study, they were grouped into categories that reflected their experiences and how they feel about it. These categories were then used to develop an understanding of sibling caregiving experiences and provide suggestions for future research and practice. Siblings of ASD children can be subjected to intense sibling rivalry, potentially leading to conflict. The relationships between siblings in this study were characterized by role reversal with the offspring of the ASD parent and the caretaker parent, as well as by a strong alliance between the siblings. The siblings of ASD children can experience conflict and stress when placed into the care of their sibling's ASD parent. Interventions for these siblings need to focus on the potential for a strong alliance between siblings and an improved understanding of sibling support needs.A contemporary and comprehensive literature review of novel nursing interventions to reduce pain, agitation and delirium in the hospitalized adult patient. The purpose of this comprehensive review is to provide a contemporary, critical and critical appraisal of the literature available regarding the effectiveness of existing pain, agitation and delirium (PAD) interventions in hospitalized adults. An English language literature search was conducted on four electronic databases: PubMed, CINAHL, Cochrane Library and Nursing Education Research. The search strategies included the following key terms: pain, agitation and delirium, pharmacological, psychological, non-pharmacological, self-management and non-professional. Only studies that included adults with a diagnosis of PAD were considered. Five of the 32 articles reviewed were review articles. The remaining 27 articles focused on pain and sedation. A variety of non-pharmacological interventions to reduce PAD were examined. The studies were primarily uncontrolled or controlled before-




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SimpleRockets Full Version Free Latest

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