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Eca Vrt Disk 2012 Dvd Iso --> DOWNLOAD

Eca Vrt Disk 2012 Dvd Iso --> DOWNLOAD

The file name is you can download from below link Links: 1 2 3 A: You can download the ECA VRT-DVD 2009 from this link When looking at the unknown, it can seem as though it will give us nothing more than more horror. No one can be so sure. But the unknown has given us much that we might not have thought of. In the writings of the prophet Isaiah (c. 740 B.C.), there are promises of great good that shall come to God’s people from the hand of God. We have come a long way since then, but even today, we are prone to misapprehend the things of God. We say that we are “getting closer” to God’s plan, as if we have a plan of our own. Much of what we think we know of God is more than we actually understand. The reason is that we are more concerned with ourselves than with the majesty of God. From the unseen: Faith will be tried The prophet Isaiah gives us a vivid picture of the future when he describes the perils facing the nation of Israel. * * * Why and how long has the world kept silent and would you remain so? Even though you seem to have gone your own way, the LORD has gone ahead of you. Hear now what the LORD says— To the men of Judah, listen to the plan the LORD has for you, for you who are kept alive by my Spirit and wish to honor me: * * * What is this plan? Isaiah says that God’s plan is that of a mighty redeemer. It is a plan that cannot be planned. It is not a plan of escape, but a plan of redemption. It is a plan that God himself would come to save Israel from her enemies and to offer her life to the highest King. Isaiah is also saying that the plan is for God’s people to be “kept alive” by his Spirit. The purpose is to create a people who will honor God and to give the nation a spiritual life. * * * Doesn’t this plan look



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